“The competition really challenged us in ways that can't be replicated through formal education. The unique opportunities from this challenge have positively impacted our future career goals.”



Ontario College of Art and Design (OCADU) - Canada

A team of five undergraduate students from OCAD University in Toronto, they are a mix of second-year Industrial Design and third-year Environmental Design students spread out across the country from Eastern Ontario to the west coast of British Columbia. With OCAD University still closed and COVID-19 restrictions persisting, the team couldn't meet up in person, but this didn't stop them from regularly meeting and collaborating virtually.


Team members - Rachel Morris (Canada), Samira Nassiri (Canada), Mary Chauvin (Canada), Scott Do (Canada) and Jennifer An (Canada)

“The team had amazing visual storytelling skills, which really helped in empathising with their persona. Their keen curiosity helped them learn new methods, and I was impressed by their ability to seek specific feedback and apply it quickly in pivoting to a new North Star statement.”

Assessment coach, Arun Joseph - Service Designer at IBM, Toronto, Canada

Service concept

Pack Back - a reusable container and bag service that addresses single-use plastic in the grocery shopping space by providing customers with a reusable produce bag, pint container and shopping carry-all option. The service can integrate into existing branded payment systems and rewards infrastructures to offer a more seamless experience.


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Initiated and powered by Philips Experience Design
and co-organized with SERVICE DESIGN COLLEGE, in
collaboration with IBM and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

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Until when can teams register?
Teams can register until January 14, 2022. They will have until Friday January 21, 2022 (11:59:59 PM CET) to submit their research proposal(s). We expect that the preparation for a proposal will take at least a few weeks.
Can I enter the challenge alone?
You cannot participate as an individual student. You need to be part of a team of 4 to 7 members.
Is there any limitation on the number of members in a team?
Yes. The team needs to have at the least 4 team members and no more than 7 team members. All team members have to be students.
I am not a Service Design student. Can I enter the challenge?
Yes, you can. You need to be part of a multidisciplinary team, preferably with at least one design student.
Is there an age limit for entering the challenge?
No, there are no age restrictions, as long as you meet the criteria about student status.
Can a team submit more than one research proposal?
Yes a team can submit more than one research proposal, but you should submit each proposal separately.
What happens to our ideas, materials, etc.?
As a participant in the challenge you will retain intellectual property ownership of all your challenge submission ideas. There is no transfer of intellectual property rights to any third party as a condition of participating in the challenge. Please read our Official rules before submitting.